chocolate spread tiramisu

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chocolate spread tiramisu

chocolate spread tiramisu

Ingredients chocolate spread tiramisu
Number of persons

50 boudoirs

400 g mascarpone

800 g chocolate spread

1/2 l cream

20 g coconut powder

5 g bicarbonate of soda

100 g icing sugar

20 cl strong coffee

Preparation chocolate spread tiramisu
Total time: 1 hour
Preparation: 1 h
Mix the spread, cream, mascarpone, baking soda and icing sugar vigorously.
Dip half of the boudoirs in the coffee and arrange them in the dish.
Then put half of the mixture (spread, cream...) on the boudoirs and sprinkle half of the powdered coconut.
Put the rest of the boudoirs then the rest of the mixture (spread, cream...).
Finally, sprinkle the second half of the coconut powder.
To conclude, put the whole in the fridge for 24 hours.

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