crumble with almond flavor

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crumble with almond flavor

crumble with almond flavor

Ingredients crumble with almond flavor
Number of ramekins

500 g cake flour

1 sweet butter

3 juicy apples

3 pears

1 glass of brown sugar

Almond liqueur

Preparation crumble with almond flavor
Total Time: 2 h
Preparation: 1 h
Cooking time: 1 h
Peel and cut the apples and pears, dice them, and set them aside in a salad bowl to return their juice.
Pour the sugar and liqueur into a glass, at the rim, and let macerate.
Pour the flour into another bowl.
Cut the butter into cubes and add it to the flour. By hand, knead the butter and flour to form the biscuit.
The biscuit should be neither too greasy nor too floury, but sandy. If, when breaking some of the cookie balls, you get butter on your fingers, it is too greasy. If, when you squeeze the cookie between your hands, it crumbles too easily, it is too floury.
Add flour or butter, as appropriate.
It's better to make a cookie a little too greasy than too floury.
Separate the sugar from the liqueur with a strainer. Stir the sugar into the biscuit, and knead to obtain a homogeneous mixture.
Pour the liqueur into the fruit, and mix by hand, kneading lightly (the fruit must remain solid).
Butter the ramekins, and line the bottom with a thin layer of biscuit, pressing down well so that it is compact. Add a layer of fruit, up to three-quarters.
Finish with a layer of biscuit, well compacted, so as to form a dome that comes out slightly from the ramekin, and sprinkle with the non-compact biscuit.
Bake at 200°C (gas mark 7) for one hour.
The biscuit should be golden and relatively hard to the touch. If it is not golden brown enough, or not firm enough, bake for another ten minutes.

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