Nadine's soft orange

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Nadine's soft orange

Nadine's soft orange

Ingredients Nadine's soft orange
Number of plates

350 g flour

120 g brown sugar

120 g white sugar

125 g butter

1 teaspoon vanilla

1 teaspoon of baking yeast

1 teaspoon baking soda

1 pinch of salt

2 eggs

200 g of chocolate

1 whole orange
For confiture:

1 sugar syrup, 100 g sugar and 10 cl water

g candied orange peels

Preparation Nadine's soft orange
Total Time: 27 min
Preparation time: 20 min
Cooking time: 7 min
To preserve the orange zest:
Cut half of the orange zest into long strips with a peeler knife. Soak it for 30 minutes in warm water.
Candy it in sugar syrup for 10 minutes. Set aside.
Chop the chocolate into chips and also chop the candied zest.
Grate the rest of the orange zest and squeeze the juice.
Work the butter into an ointment with the sugars.
Alternately add the flour and eggs, the baking powder, vanilla, salt and baking soda, the juice and grated orange peel, the chocolate and the candied orange peel.
Make small walnut-sized piles on baking parchment with 2 teaspoons, one will be regularly soaked in a bowl of cold water (be careful with ungreased aluminium, it binds).
Cook for about 7 minutes at 180°C.
The biscuits are both crispy and soft.
You can make the same recipe with lemon without the candied lemon, then add a dash of milk to the dough to loosen it.

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