21 Savage reveals he could still be kicked out by ICE agents

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21 Savage reveals he could still be kicked out by ICE agents

21 Savage reveals he could still be kicked out by ICE agents

In the midst of the arrival of his new collection with Metro Boomin, Savage Mode II, 21 Savage showed up on Big Bank and DJ Scream's show, Big Facts, where he talked about advancing money related education and his vocation. While on the show, the 27-year-old rapper likewise talked on his movement case. 

The rapper was captured early a year ago by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) under cases that he was an "unlawfully present United Kingdom public" who exceeded a visa that was just bravo year. Luckily, 21 Savage was delivered however the rap star shared that the case is as yet continuous and it's a genuine chance that he could even now be expelled. 

While he was dicey that he'd be driven away from the nation, 21 Savage noticed that he'd be fit as a fiddle notwithstanding. Indeed, the Atlanta-based rapper as of now has an emergency course of action as a primary concern. 

"I don't imagine that they gon' do that," he said. "Yet, on the off chance that they do, my cash is going with me fa' sho'. I'll be okay. The cash goes where [I] go. They got rich individuals over yonder [in the UK]. I'mma be one of them." 

He proceeded to joke that he would have the entirety of his homies move with him abroad, including, "Everyone gon' need to come. They [are] not releasing me without anyone else." On a more genuine note, 21 Savage opened up about how the danger of extradition was one of the numerous obstructions he needed to defeat as a migrant in this nation. 

"Individuals don't know [what it's] like experiencing childhood in the hood and an outsider. Regardless, you can't attend a university. You can't get no permit. You can't land no position," he clarified. "My momma used to be frightened to drive. Frightened, yet she needed to drive. No permit" he said. "My momma ain't never had a permit till I was presumably similar to 24, 25 when I got some cash and got her s**t straight." 

He proceeded, "Our battle was unique. It wasn't no other alternative. I was unable to go find a new line of work. I was unable to attend a university. I was unable to get a permit. I simply got my permit when I resembled 25, 26 years of age." 

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The rapper shared that he was moved by the help he saw from his companions during his legitimate experience. At the hour of his capture, Cardi B, Meek Mill, Vince Staples, Killer Mike tweeted out on the side of his opportunity. "At the point when I got out, I truly began to see all the affection, and I'm similar to, 'Damn, that is insane,'" he said. "Also, I saw all the phony love as well, all the [people] who didn't show love. "So in the event that you asking why I've been hardened on you since I got out, it's 'cause you didn't state 'Free me!'" 

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Most outstandingly, Jay-Z employed migration attorney Alex Shapiro to help with his case. At the point when he was delivered, 21 Savage visited the Roc Nation tycoon to communicate his appreciation. 

"At the point when I got out, I pulled up on Jay-Z at his home. Him and BeyoncĂ© were in there. Furthermore, we were kicking it. I simply was expressing gratitude toward him," 21 Savage said. "At the point when I previously got out, I messaged him like, 'I'mma take care of you.' He resembled, 'I don't need your cash.' He stated, 'Pay me back by being extraordinary.' So I pulled up on him, slashed it up, just expressed gratitude toward him and s**t like that, 'cause he ain't need to do that." 

Watch 21 Savage's Big Facts meet in full underneath.

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