Macron invites himself into the security debate and will receive the police unions after Darmanin

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Macron invites himself into the security debate and will receive the police unions after Darmanin

 Macron invites himself into the security debate and will receive the police unions after Darmanin

After the announcements of the Minister of the Interior expected for this Tuesday, the president will receive the police unions on Thursday to assure them of the firm support of the state.

Savage assault against two agents of the PJ in Herblay (Val-d'Oise) on October 7, mortar fireworks against the police station of Champigny-sur-Marne (Val-de-Marne) on October 10… The attacks against the police follow one another and shake up the security calendar until the top of the state: the President of the Republic will receive from Thursday the police unions.

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Emmanuel Macron intends to tell them "a mark of attention, support and consideration," said one of his relatives. This had not happened since October 2016, when François Hollande had to invite representative organizations to calm the emotion aroused by the molotov cocktail attack on a Public Security crew in Viry-Châtillon (Essonne).

The current host of the Élysée does not want to be accused of “naivety” on sovereign matters, as the right has been denouncing for months. The "reconquest" sequence, in the face of insecurity, should even begin this Tuesday with a major meeting between the police unions and the Minister of the Interior. Gérald Darmanin has already warned that measures will be taken against the attacks on police stations.

He wants to ban the sale to the public of fireworks mortars , the use of which as a weapon by destination should be more severely punished, according to him. "Why not ban the pétanque balls that are thrown at us too" , ironically a police officer. For him, "it is impunity that must be prohibited".

The first cop in France ignores controversy and seeks above all "efficiency" , according to his entourage. It will detail its 2021 budget and its recovery plan, of more than one billion euros, 40% of which are already registered for next year.

His priority remains "improving the daily life of the police," assure his people. With commitments on the renewal of IT and car parks, for example. Behind looms the strengthening of security personnel. A reality recalled by the Prime Minister, this Friday, during the signing of the first "integrated security contract" in Toulouse.

A bonus component could also be developed. The "night people", these officials working at night, thus claim, in addition to adequate equipment (vests, lamps, vehicles ...), decent emoluments, their bonus being only 100 euros per month currently.

The unions also evoke a revaluation of the bonuses of judicial police officers, this specialty experiencing an unprecedented vocations crisis. Not to mention the regulation of overtime, all bodies combined, which, to date, according to Unsa-Police, would reach 22 million accumulated hours. In particular, a mixed compensation system could be imagined, over the long term, between allocated rest days and payment.

There remains the strategic aspect. The white paper, initiated under Castaner and Nuñez, could finally see the light of day next November. It would perhaps come out simultaneously with the LREM bill brought by the deputies Jean-Michel Fauvergue and Alice Thourot on the security continuum. This text, considered, in principle, from November 16, promises to strengthen the powers of municipal police. It also deals with images taken by portable police cameras and would recommend blurring the faces of officers on social networks in particular.

In return, the host of Beauvau intends to rehabilitate the culture of results, dear to the Sarkozy years. All this just a year and a half before the presidential election.

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