Cheese cromesquis

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Cheese cromesquis

 Cheese cromesquis

Ingredients  Cheese cromesquis

Number of dumplings




Add to the basket

200 g of grated Comté

125 g of mont d'or or other soft cheese (grated)

70 g Parmesan (grated)

5 whole eggs

1 pinch of nutmeg


2 teaspoons of parsley (about 2 teaspoons)

30 g flour

200 g breadcrumbs (preferably fine)


Preparation  Cheese cromesquis

Total Time : 51 min

Preparation: 50 min

Cooking: 1 min

Mix the cheeses, 2 eggs, add pepper, parsley and nutmeg.

Form small balls of cheese by hand (equivalent to about a teaspoon)

Place on a baking sheet. Prepare 3 small plates with in the 1st: the flour, in the 2nd: the rest of beaten eggs and the 3rd fine breadcrumbs. Dip the balls successively in the flour, then in the egg then in the breadcrumbs.

Place on the baking sheet, refrigerate for a few minutes.

Take the cheese balls out of the refrigerator and plunge them again into the beaten eggs and breadcrumbs.

Refrigerate again for 5 minutes and repeat the operation twice. Preheat the oil in the fryer to 180 ° C.

Fry the cheese balls, a few at a time, to prevent sticking, about 1 minute.

Drain on absorbent paper. Let cool a little and serve with a little green salad, nuts, sundried tomatoes and a slice of raw ham.

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