Indeed, even an inactive Saturday brought up issues about Louisville ball

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Indeed, even an inactive Saturday brought up issues about Louisville ball

 Indeed, even an inactive Saturday brought up issues about Louisville ball 

There was no game for the University of Louisville men's ball group Saturday, yet the scoreboard won't ever rest. 

Your spot in the PC rankings can improve or slip with each outcome. 

Here are the two Saturday results that were generally disturbing for the Cardinals: 

Duke 79, Clemson 53 

Wake Forest 66, Miami 54 

Allow the record to show that Clemson has lost four of its last five. Louisville was the exemption. 

Allow the record additionally to show that in those four annihilations, the Tigers permitted a normal of almost 82 focuses. The Cardinals scored 50 in their four-point rout Wednesday. 

Miami beat Louisville fourteen days prior. Not just have the Hurricanes neglected to win once more, they have lost four straight by at any rate twelve focuses. 

By 4 p.m. Saturday, Louisville slipped to No. 39 in Ken Pomeroy's PC power equation, the Cards' least positioning this season. On Jan. 6, Louisville was No. 24 in Pomeroy. 

The Cardinals (10-4) have tumbled from No. 33 to No. 61 throughout the most recent fourteen days in Bart Torvik's PC equation. The NCAA Net rating puts Louisville No. 47, fourth in the ACC. 

Louisville mentor Chris Mack saw the Clemson-Duke score Saturday before he responded to inquiries regarding the Cards' next game — Monday at 2 p.m. against Georgia Tech in the KFC Yum! Focus. 

Terrible was single word that Mack used to depict Louisville's hostile exhibition against Clemson. Terrible was another. 

No one contended. 

"As I said previously, I know (Clemson) got whipped today, however at their best they're a great protective group and against us they truly constrained those two people (U of L watchmen David Johnson and Carlik Jones) into settling on certain choices," Mack said. 

"… We must have the option to underwrite, we must have the option to hit a couple open shots. We need to play at a quicker speed. 

"Difficult to play at a quicker speed in some cases against Clemson, yet I thought what Clemson does, they excelled on Wednesday night. They attempted to remove the ball from David's and Carlik's hands. 

"While their pressing factor didn't compel any turnovers, it constrained folks to carry the ball up with a man in their back pocket the whole game. We must get folks to make a couple of shots and the ones we miss we must make a superior showing in all out attack mode glass. 

"I was pleased with our gathering as in our offense was terrible. Awful. 

"We had each capacity and each chance to dominate the match had we done a few things another way down the stretch. With a youthful group, to drape our cap on our safeguard out and about and allow ourselves to win ... I'm disillusioned with the misfortune and we must gain from it, yet it's what I've told our group up and down, (that) in the event that we can protect at an undeniable level, we'll allow ourselves to win." 

Mack said he was not sure in the event that he would change his beginning arrangement against the Yellow Jackets (7-5), who conveyed a two-game losing streak into their Saturday home game against Florida State, which started at 4 p.m. 

He said forward Quin Slazinski has made strong commitments, numerous as a communicator. He likewise said he needed to sit Slazinski against Clemson due to cautious issues from the get-go in the subsequent half. Mack said he loved the way that Samuell Williamson has reacted to being moved out of the beginning setup. 

He said that Charles Minlend's wellbeing has kept on improving. Mack said that at his best, Minlend ought to give balance and outside shooting to the Cardinals. 

"I wouldn't be a reality teller to my group on the off chance that I said, 'Hello, the best parts practically speaking will begin,' and afterward reveal a similar setup — if those players weren't the best by and by," Mack said. 

"… that is the reason I put the five that I did on the floor. Mentors don't mind who plays. The media, I don't think you all consideration who plays. Fans, eventually, truly don't mind who plays. They need to dominate matches, similarly as the mentors need to. 

"We will decide what we find by and by each and every day and put all that can be expected on the floor."

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