Salted sweet bunny fillets

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Salted sweet bunny fillets

Salted sweet bunny fillets Salted sweet bunny fillets :


Number of persons



600 rabbit g

2 curry spoon

200 g peeled tomato

200 g onion

200 g of plantain

300 green apple

300 g fresh pineapple

8 coconut spoon

4 clove garlic

4 spoon of peanut oil

4 margarine spoon

1 bouquet garni





Preparation: 45 min
Cooking time: 20 min

Step 1 Brown the rabbit fillets in the oil.

2nd step Remove the pieces and put the chopped onions instead.

Step 3 Melt over low heat without letting them color.

Step 4 Add the tomatoes, put back the rabbit, salt, pepper and powder curry stirring well.

Step 5 Wet with the coconut powder diluted in 30 cl of water.

Step 6 Add the minced garlic and the bouquet garni . Bring to a boil then lower the heat.

Step 7 Brown apples, pineapples and bananas peeled and diced in margarine.

Step 8 Serve the rabbit topped with sauce and surrounded by fruit.

Author's note
This recipe can be made with other pieces of rabbit but it cooks longer.
I accompany this dish of a good basmati rice cooked to a point.

I add my grain of salt

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