Beef with camarguaise

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Beef with camarguaise

Beef with camarguaise Beef with camarguaise :


Number of persons



500 g ground beef

2 tablespoon of oil


200 g smoked bacon

2 anchovy fillet

1 bard of bacon
To serve:

anchovy filet and stuffed olives will



Preparation: 10 min
Cooking time: 1 h

Step 1 Mix the ground beef and the oil, pepper.

2nd step Chop the bacon.

Step 3 With your hands, form a pie with alternate layers of meat, bacon and anchovy fillets.

Step 4 Cover everything with the bard or with a strainer softened in warm water. Cook in a medium oven for 1 hour 30 minutes.

Step 5 5 minutes before the end of cooking, surround olives at will and decorate with anchovies.

Step 6 Serve hot, or cold with mayonnaise .

I add my grain of salt

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