Birthday cake castle

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Birthday cake castle

Birthday cake castle

Birthday cake castle

Birthday cake castle :


Number of persons


For the castle:

3 Marbled Breton bar


1 wafer pack

1 package of Russian cigarette with strawberry

Chocolate shortbread biscuit (p├ępitos)

Chocolate (maltesers)

2 horn

2 mikado

4 hexagonal cardboardmolds
For chocolate icing:

200 g dark chocolatedessert

1 brick of 20 cl of liquid cream.
For the decoration:

Candy crocodiles

1 jelly candy bag



Preparation: 3 h

Step 1 Remove on each bar Breton the curved part, so as to have 3 rectangles of equal shape then slice in the direction of the length, each bar in 3 identical slices.

2nd step Prepare the frosting, do not use the 20 cl of liquid cream, the frosting should remain thick enough to allow a good "gluing" slices of bars.

Step 3 Spread on baking paper, 2 slices of Breton bars on the side and connect them from above with the frosting, glaze them also visible part.

Step 4 Renew the operation 3 other times, you have made the ramparts of the castle.

Step 5 To allow quicker icing, you can put them in the freezer for half an hour.

Step 6 For tricks, use the nuggets and solder them with a little icing, cut a wafer to make a small window for each round and finish the top of the tower with a small mold.

Step 7 The two inner towers of the castle are to be done the same way but with mini snacks, cut a wafer to make a small window for each tower, overcome each of an ice cone.

Step 8 Once the ramparts are taken, assemble them to the towers always with icing and cut pieces of wafers for the top of the ramparts.

Step 9 Place the 2 small towers in the enclosure of the castle.

Step 10 Cut an entrance for the drawbridge and place a wafer and 2 mikados on each side of the bridge to make the chains of the bridge.

Step 11 Position Russian cigarettes over the ramparts for guns.

Step 12 Maltesers will serve as cannonballs.

Step 13 You can make a small wall inside the castle with the pieces of bar you have left and small scales with pieces of wafers.

Step 14 Crocodiles will be used as decoration for the castle moat and gummy candies to fill the top of the guard towers.

Author's note
Guaranteed success, and let your imagination go for the composition of your castle.

I add my grain of salt

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