Fruit cocktail

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Fruit cocktail

Fruit cocktail

Fruit cocktail
Fruit cocktail

Fruit cocktail :


Number of persons



1 banana

1 apple

2 Kiwi

1 small bowl of water

1 packet of vanilla sugar

3 tablespoon of brown sugar



Preparation: 10 min

Step 1 Peel and cut the fruit into pieces.

2nd step Put them in the blender (or any cocktail container), then mix everything, gradually adding water, until the desired consistency (I like when it's a little thick) .

Step 3 Then add the vanilla sugar and brown sugar, according to taste.

Step 4 Mix one last time so that the sugar fits well into the mixture.

Step 5 Chill for an hour and enjoy!

Author's note
Perfect for stalling the hungers of the afternoon and fill up with vitamins.

I add my grain of salt

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