Pineapple cut

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Pineapple cut

Pineapple cut

Pineapple cut :


Number of persons



1 pineapple

1 Kiwi

1 clementine

1 banana

Red fruit coulis

Vanilla ice cream

Whipped cream



Preparation: 20 min

Step 1 Cut the pineapple in half lengthwise (leave the leaves, it is prettier!).

2nd step Evince the half pineapple.

Step 3 Keep the pulpit and cut it into small dice.

Step 4 Put the dice back in the pineapple cups.

Step 5 Peel, cut the other fruits and put them in the cups.

Step 6 Make ice cream balls and put them on the fruits.

Step 7 Decorate with whipped cream and drizzle with red berries.

Step 8 Enjoy.

Author's note
Depending on the season, the fruits can be replaced by others (red fruits, peaches necta, melon ...).

I add my grain of salt

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