Muslin fish bread

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Muslin fish bread

Muslin fish bread

Muslin fish bread
Muslin fish bread

Ingredients  Muslin fish bread:

Number of persons

2 trout fillet (750 g) 

3 egg 

20 cl of fresh cream 

3 teaspoon agar-agar (6 g) 

20 cl of fish stock 

1 candied lemon , 




Step 1 Cook the trout in the stock and remove the skin and the bones. Pour the egg yolks, the cream, and mix with salt,pepper and dill into a blender. 

2nd step Heat the agar with the fish stock. Add to the preparation. 

Step 3 Cut the candied lemon and place in the bottom of a cake mold (lined with film or aluminum) to form the decor. Pour half of the preparation. Put some candied lemon again, pour the rest of the trout. Place the last pieces of candied lemon on top. 

Step 4 Refrigerate one night and serve chilled with muslin mayonnaise (beat the egg white and add to the mayonnaise) 

I add my grain of salt 

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