Fish terrine: trout, hake and scallops

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Fish terrine: trout, hake and scallops

Fish terrine: trout, hake and scallops

Ingredients Fish terrine: trout, hake and scallops

Number of persons

300 g of trout 

300 g hake 

300 g of St Jacques nuts 

15 cl of thick cream 

2 teaspoon of agar-agar 

Chopped parsley and tarragon 
For the court bouillon: 

50 cl of water 

1/2 bouillon cube vegetables 


3 peppercorn 

Step 1 Prepare the court bouillon, and cook the fish and St Jacques, about 10 minutes over low heat. 

2nd step Drain and put to warm on a plate, do not throw the broth. 

Step 3 In two containers, crumble the two separate fish, add each half of the scallops more or less chopped according to the taste. 

Step 4 Take a cup of broth, add a cup of cream, herbs and agar agar diluted in a little cold water. 

Step 5 Bring to a boil, and hold for a minute. 

Step 6 Spread in both containers. 

Step 7 Mix well by crushing the fish a little. 

Step 8 Spread in two layers in a film-lined cake mold (the aluminum molds for freezing are the perfect size.) 

Step 9 Tap lightly to remove any "air bubbles". Let cool and cool. 

Step 10 Serve with a sauce made of mayonnaise , thick cream and lemon juice, and a little salad. 

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