Roasted bonito ribs

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Roasted bonito ribs

Roasted bonito ribs

Preparation time Roasted bonito ribs : 20 minutes
Cooking time: 2 minutes

Ingredients (for 12 people): - 1 beautiful bonito (+/- 4kg)

- Aïolli, rust

- 40 cl of olive oil

- 4 bay leaves

- 6 cloves of garlic

- 10 cl of white wine

- 2 spoons of oregano

- 1 pinch of grated nutmeg

- salt and pepper

- 1 bowl of rust

- 1 bowl of aioli

- Lively embers

Preparation of the recipe Roasted bonito ribs :

To be prepared the day before.

The day before, the bonito is cut into steaks 1 finger and a half thick.

Beautiful slices, well cut, with the 2 tabs of the belly skin well folded (the head and the end of the third back can be kept for a soup base).

These slices are placed in a hollow dish with olive oil, white wine, bay leaf, crushed garlic, nutmeg, oregano, salt and pepper.

Every hour (about ... do not get up at night!), Turn the slices, lightly "mass" them with this anointing, and cover with transparent plastic film.

The next day, arrange ramekins of rust and aïolli, 4 or 5 rats with water per person, a bundle of green beans and a Provençal tomato as garnish.

A very hot coals must be prepared.

In a large frying pan or on a plancha, oiled and already very hot, arranged on the embers, the bonito slices are quickly thrown away.

Watch out for the projections!

With a metal spatula, the slices are turned over after a maximum of 2 minutes of cooking.

The result to be achieved is to obtain slices of a beautiful color, caramelized outside for the crispy under the tooth, while formally preserving the inner softness.

It is therefore necessary to seize the slice for a "turn-and-turn" cooking on very bright fire!

Arrange the filling in a semicircle in the plate, around the bonito slab (s) in the center.

Leave a plate of grilled croutons at your disposal.

This is an excellent recipe that also applies to tuna, and which should reconcile the most difficult with these delicate flesh, too often awkwardly accomodated, and unjustly accused of being too "dry"!


It is like tuna, a fish that "dries" quickly when cooking. The whole difficulty is to succeed in cooking.
Recommended drink:

Dry white (Picpoul, or Gravette de Corconne)

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